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Working the Gusset
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Ballyconneely Shawl by Maggie Jackson
At last, after a weekend of copying various stitch patterns, and working up samples, I have decided on "Spun Leaves" for the upper back and front sides of the main panel.
If anyone should decide to use this stitch pattern, please note that until the correction is made on the site, Row 11 under the "End Row" caption reads "ending p3" and it should read "ending k3".
I have a stitch count so I am that much closer to Just need to figure out the portion directly above the Coral 2 panel, should be pretty simple.
ArtLady - I saw your Japanese Feather projects at ravelry, they are gorgeous! I really liked reading the notes that you took as you progressed. And I wanted to ask you about the charts that you made for Coral 2. Did you generate them from a program? How did you make them?
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