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Nothing like jumping in at the deep end... I'm a complete disaster with a crochet hook, but my Yarn Kninja girlfriend swears it's easier -- and she should know. Since I've never actively tried to learn crochet, I don't know from experience that it's easier, but it seems like it would be. But if you've never done either one, then one's as alien as the other. If you're not up against the wall for time, try both and see which one comes easier to you.

But if you're trying to convert a crochet pattern line by line... don't. You'd be better off just looking at the pictures and figuring out how to make "that shape" by knitting it. That presents its own challenges, but it would STILL be easier.

What I found made me succeed was a good reason to continue. It helped (more than I can tell you) to have a Jedi Master Kninja girlfriend, but we'd been together for a looooong time before I ever attempted to learn to knit. But I came upon a project that I was just stubborn enough to finish, and at that point the die was cast. Sounds like you have the motivation, and hopefully you can find enough knowledge here and in various video tutorials to help you through the technical problems. and one other resource I'd suggest, if you have a yarn store in your area they can be a WEALTH of help. I'm talking about stores that specialize in yarn/knitting/crochet supplies though, not the "big box" craft stores. They're usually MORE than happy to help out (especially if you're a guy, I've found).

Good luck young padawan, may Force be with you!
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