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Working the Gusset
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Progress on the Shawl and questions
Well, I've spent a week knitting up sample swatches of various stitch patterns. I just haven't been able to commit to "Spun Leaves" for the top back and front panels and am now considering "Lily of the Valley":

I love making the little flowers on this, they are absolutely adorable. And the pattern will transition easily from three across on the back to two panels down the front. I think this may just be the one

Directly above Coral 2 I will be knitting one ruffle of the "Petite Bell Ruffle":

And knitted above this will be "King Charles Brocade":

So at this point I have a couple of questions about transitioning: (1) From the ruffle into the brocade, and (2) From the brocade into the Lily of the Valley.

The ruffles are worked with a purl stitch background, and the brocade stitch has a stockinette background. My dear husband showed me how to use Excel to chart these patterns, and I've arranged to have the point of the diamond of the brocade fall above the midpoint between every third ruffle. The seed stitch has been used to edge the Coral 2 block, and I plan to use it to edge the ruffle as well as the brocade.

I did a swatch of the Lily of the Valley and it is very curvy on the bottom, so I will be transitioning from the very straight edge of the brocade into the curved bottom edge of the Lily of the Valley. I know it's probably obvious to do a garter stitch here; I've worked almost exclusively from patterns so this is pretty new to me and I'm really not sure.

I am considering using a braid pattern in between the lilies and on the edges:

I do have concern about not using the same edging stitch throughout the project, so I suppose this is another question. It seems to make sense to use the braid to run continuously from the back down the front: on the back separating and edging the lily panels and on the front to edge both sides of the panels. And then there is the issue of the neckline, maybe it could be worked in the same stitch pattern used in the transition from the brocade to the lily patterns.

The help and encouragement are deeply appreciated I am looking forward to on my project again soon.
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