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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Welcome to Knitting Help!

What are you making? Do you have a link to the pattern? If not give us the name of it. It helps when you ask questions.

Generally I'd say it's fine to start purling since that's what the pattern says.
I am making a toy bear. I paid for the pattern from Twins knitting minishop. I wrote them but have not heard anything. Here is the beginning of the pattern exactly:
Row 1: Purl
Row 2: K1, M1, K14, M1, K1 (18 stiches)
Row 3: Purl
Row 4: K1,M1, K16, M1, K1 (20 stiches)
Row 5: Purl
Row 6: K1, M1, K18, M1, K1 (22 stiches)
Row 7: Purl
Row 8: K1, M1, K18, M1, K1 (24 stiches)
Row 9: Purl
Row 10: K1, M1, K20, M1, K1 (26 stiches)
Rows 11-19: st st (9 rows)
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