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Certainly not a ban-able offense We do hope that people don't block ads on KH, as that is our primary means of supporting this website and our work. We try to keep the ads as non-annoying as possible. But if people do block them, so be it. Above all, we want people to enjoy and use KH.

I have set it so the share icons vanish if you resize the browser window to the point where the red background disappears. At least that works for me in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

A lot of folks are using the share icons to pin things on Pinterest and Facebook. I put these up as a test and it ended up being used so much that I decided to leave them in place. I have noticed some really great older posts getting shared from our forum. After nearly 9 years of being online, this forum is a treasure trove of knowledge so it's nice that folks can dig up some great posts and share them with others.
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