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Mondew is correct. Here is a nice summary of the latest research.

The reason our bad health is off the charts is due to high fructose corn syrurp, processed grains--often things labled whole grain are not really whole. Lack of protective of phytonutrients in the standard American diet. (meaning lack of vegetables), Food addictions and that the USDA recommendations are co-opted by special interest groups such as the meat and dairy and sugar and corn boards.

Dr. Esselstyn is an excellent source for moire info---I heard him speak in person last fall--he is vibrant and amazing and i in his 80's but I had to look up his age to figure that out. There is similar research being done by Dr. Joel Fhurman, --he wrote Eat to Live, his new book is End Diabetes, or you can check out Dr. Neil Bernard at the Physicians committee for responsible medicine, Dr Collin T Cambell of the China Study, and watch the documentary Forks over Knives. The bottom line is there is no money in healthy plant based recommendations, the beef and dairy industry loose as do the pharmaceutical companies and so does out sick care industry. Eat whole foods plant based diets and stay away from doctor! As Dr. Gregerson says in the video the coconut oil may not be terribly harmful if you already eat really well whole foods plant based and low cholesterol but it won't improve anything if you don't.

I've been vegetarian for years but 2 yrs ago moved to Dr. Fuhrman's style of eating I'm 50 pounds lighter healthier than when I was in my 20's have perfect blood cholesterol LDL, HDL, high energy, I'm stronger, exercise is easier and more desired than before, I feel younger every day. I'm 45. We changed our daughters diet and her asthma is now gone and my husband reversed an autoimmune disorder---hmmm now there are no meds we need to buy.

Also Dr, OZ recommends anything, he has featured Dr. Fuhrman many times but then turns around and features someone else advocating the exact opposite, although the book Eat to Live is called a "medical break through" by Dr. OZ on the cover of the book and he wrote the forward in the new new addition.

It's all worth checking out.
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