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We like Silk, also almond milk and we've even tried hemp milk (both daughter and I are lactose intolerant). The soy milk still bugs me a little, so we use a lot of almond.

We also get LandOLakes butter that is made with olive oil, which I figure is better for us, hopefully, but this morning I had cinnamon raisin toast with real butter. I went through a long time w/o using any butter at all, so I have some every now and then. Moderation!

We make hot cocoa with almond milk, Van Houten's cocoa powder, and a little honey. You have to whip it, because the cocoa doesn't have emulsifiers in it. I never thought of adding coconut oil to it, but now I will. It always gets topped with the guilty pleasure of whipped cream, though.

I think a lot of heart disease is caused by processed foods and sugar (alas, I LOVE sugar, but now that I'm in my 50s I limit it as much as I can).
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