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Help with the Yoke!!
I am knitting my first sweater ever - it is a bottom up raglan sweater. I have knit the body up to the armpits and have knitted the two sleeves. I am now at the Yoke and have NO idea what the instructions mean!!! I was unable to attach the file for some reason and there is no link, so I will type it out:

Begin the row in the center back of the body section of the sweater (after the 43rd(46th, 52nd, 58th) st. Begin knitting until the 1 st before the holder. PM and K the last st. Attach sleeve by holding the 12 st on separate holders together and knit 1st, pm, and cont around the sleeve until the last st. Pm, K1, Cont back to the body of the sweater continuing the chart as before. Before the last st, PM, K1, Attach the right sleeve in the same manner as the left (K1, Pm, Cont around to the last st, Pm, K1, and again at the back of the sweater, k1, Pm, knit until the end of the rnd.

I think i understand until the part where it says "Attach the sleeve by holding the 12 st on separate holders together and..." From what i have seen from online 'research' you just leave the underarm stitches on the holders. Is this true here? Do i just ignore all the stitches on the holders? I don't get it - any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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