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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Look ahead to the Finishing section - you don't join the underarm stitches until you have the yoke all done.
...which is what I said in Post 3, in 3 places:

"Here is the 'body' of the sweater, ready for sleeves to be "attached/joined" and the yoke to be created. The turquoise blue 'waste yarn' are my 18st "on hold" for later 'seaming' to the sleeve's 18st on hold, forming the armpit seam. This isn't done until the yoke is all knit up."

And here:
"Here is one of the sleeves, ready to be joined to the body. Notice, the 18st 'held on waste yarn'. They are the armpit stitches, to be seamed to the body's 18st 'held on waste yarn', after yoke is done.

And here:
"I clipped the sleeve to the body, everything lined up...sleeve 18st on waste yarn to the body 18st on waste yarn...later on, after the yoke is all knit will join those 18st together and they will be the armpit seam.
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