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Current progress of two working snuggles and still taking signups for a third:

Originally Posted by sakura-panda View Post
Current Snuggle Lists:

Into the Forest (unthemed, any color):
1. Susan/susanuehl
2. ZoseyPosey
3. Katie/sakura-panda
4. KristinMei <-- Currently knitting
5. salmonmac

Collie Cuddle (unthemed, any color):
1. Katie/sakura-panda <-- Currently knitting
2. Susan/susanuehl
3. Lizars1736
4. salmonmac
5. maryknitwit

Looking for knitters:

1. KristinMei
2. Katie/sakura-panda

I'm sitting on Collie Cuddle. I finished in on my drive down to Kentucky, left it in the hotel room for two days while driving past at least two post offices, put it into my carry-around tote and, of course, never passed another post office the rest of the week. My current plan is to drop it off at the post office tomorrow morning on my way into work.

What's new with all of you?
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