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AWESOME JOANN coupon...see details
I just received via email two coupons from JoAnn Fabric, 50% a single regular priced item Friday and 50% off email item on Saturday. It says I can "invite a friend" to become a JoAnn preferred customer. I am not sure if signing up through their website without the email link would automatically send you the coupons or not. However, I could send one person the invite...then maybe you get to invite too, so on and so on. PM me with your email address if you want me to send it to you. The form only allows me to enter one "friend" at a time, but I can check to see if the link still works after the first one.

Also the sale includes 50% off clearance, no coupon needed and 20% purchase today.

Only bummer with the coupon is that it excludes sewing machines and a couple other "bigger" items.

Happy Shopping
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