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I started my on-line business as a labor of love for a few reasons. I like knitting with certain colors of needles. I hate throwing things away. I feel sad when things lose their mates. I'm a big dumpster diver.

So I started taraknit.

I'm thinking of getting rid of shipping and handling charges, and just adding more to the price of the needles. BUT this will entail some work on the database end (read: my son!) because a size 50 wooden straight needle costs more to ship than a set of four or five size Zero dpns.

I'm also thinking of selling brand new needles - but the only ones I'm thinking of having are Swallow casein, because they're the only biodegradable needles out there (that I know of). Unfortunately they don't have circs :(

I'm totally open to suggestions/comments/criticisms etc! And I love Amy's suggestion of making stitch markers (I do beading too)! Given that we're in the midst of packing up, the 'growth" aspect probably won't occur until early next month.

And thanks to you out their who have contacted me already and ordered some things!

:D :D

I'm selwynne on ravelry
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