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This is SO frustrating!!

I am ALMOST completely finished with Sitcom Chic, I'm just doing the last of the 'finishing' picking up stitches along front edges of the cardigan which are curling BADLY....really really badly. :(

All the pattern says is to pick up stitches, knit one row, purl one row, cast off. I can tell just by looking at it that it isn't enough. So I picked up stitches, did 3 rows of seed stitch, then cast off. It was alright but I had picked up too many and it was bunchy. So I ripped that out, picked up about 1/4 less stitches which seems spaced a lot better but I can tell that there is still going to be a strong tendency to curl.

The pattern also says this: "If your SitCom still rolls, use Grosgrain Ribbon in a matching color stitched right to the edge. Very Couture!"

Does anyone know what this is exactly? And does she mean that you stitch it to the inside of the edge or the outside of the edge? :thinking:

I think I'm going to have to look into this because the border is not enough and I'm not willing to do more than a 3 row border because it's not called for in the pattern and it will take away from the look that the cardigan is supposed to have. OR just change the intended look completely and do a button band all the way down.

Hmmmmm........what do you think??? At least I have some options.

Oh, one other question....I've done fold-under hems before on things like the band of a hat or the bottom of sleeves where you purl a row in between, fold at that spot and stitch under in place. So I know that works on a bottom edge, but would something similar work on a side edge?
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