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Grafting the Toe
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I tried the grosgrain ribbon inside the front edges of the cardigan. I do not like it :( . Of course it is not a stretchy material at all so it really takes away from the knitted feel of the front of the sweater, not to mention the color I bought looks like I put a big strip of masking tape inside the sweater . I only did it on one side and I ripped it out. It really did help but I did not like the look or feel of it.

Back to the drawing board.....

My next thought is this....what if I knitted a strip of stockinette about as wide as the grosgrain ribbon that I tried, and seam it to the inside of the edges, with the wrong sides of the stockinette facing each other. Do you think the stockinette facing opposite directions would even each other out???? I don't mind the extra bulk that it would produce along those edges, I'd rather have that anyways over a flimsy edge.

Thoughts???? I'm not givin' up yet!!!
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