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What about.....
What about a Shawl or poncho......They are so popular right now....I would have suggested a shrug and I love them but I had to give the one I made away....if you are full busted...they just aren't a good look....but shawls are always good.

Also a "Stitch" that I got from my local yarn store is great for unique yarns.....
Cast on an even number of stitches.....each row is the same.....
Purl, * yo (purl wise) then purl two together (repeat until the one stitch is left on the left hand needle, purl last stich in row.

I have used the above for a shawl, scarf and just finished made two matching rectangles and hopefully tonight I sew them together for a poncho.----makes for an easy-don't have to think much "lacy" stitch will works well with rectangular pieces that need no shaping.

Happy Knitting.....
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