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TaraKnit is saying good-bye
Hello everyone - with much teeth gnashing and sleepless nights attempting to come to a decision, I have finally decided that is no more.

I had SUCH a blast this past year (it's been a year already, I cannot believe it) with the site, and esp. with 'meeting' all the cool people who wrote to comment and order from me.

There are some really good changes in my life right now, and I need to re-focus my energies on these new things (no, I'm NOT pregnant ! LOL)

I'll be donating some things to charity, so if anyone has a personal relationship with a charity that can use knitting/crocheting needles, let me know. I'll also be selling some things on ebay, esp the new bamboo dpns I have. I'm greentara33 there.

One upside to putting TaraKnit to bed is that now I'll have more time to post here!!!

Again much affection to all of you who have been customers and cheerleaders and well *sniff* I'm gonna miss it. Maybe I'll reinvigorate the site when I'm retired!

Love to all, Carol
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