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OK! We are officially called the Stashies!!
Anyone object to that, or have a better name? I like Stashies!

Thanks to all who "joined" us Stashies! And we welcome any new Stashies who join later! We need the support! We will get that Stash down to size!

It will save money, too...using the Stash! Allowing ourselves a New Yarn Project after completing a Stash Project...means we can shop for new yarn without guilt. Won't that feel good?? Kinda like an ice cream cone tastes so good at the end of a long walk!!

Note: to those who have very small Stashes: a Stash Project can be something very a cute dishcloth! Really, any fiber could make up into a dishcloth! Extra credit for doing a set of three for gift giving! Also, you could knit up 'squares' for later seaming into a patchwork quilt. I did that a couple of summers ago. Made two of my granddaughters blankets...made from the leftovers of lots of projects, and stash yarn, too. The "squares" were all different patterns...and some mult-stripes. The project was easy to take on vacation. The squares were just 5x5. Note: be sure and block them as you go along. Don't wait til you have a billion squares to block! Then I crocheted a black border before beginning a new square. It made the blanket assembly less tedious.

Well, I am just home from work...and am going off to work on my Stash Project...the baby blanket with MicroSpun. Buttercup, basketweave. It is quite tedious. But, 46" wide...and now 30" long. Just 16" to go!

I have additional MicroSpun in odd colors...and they will become discloths.
The Sugar 'n' Cream that I have used in the past looks so horrid after a few washings...loses its shape and color. Who knew?
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