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Yes, I have seen KnitPicks tips on Stash Management! Something that I really like are the zippered bags! I purchased dozens of the clear plastic zippered bags from I have not seen a better price anywhere! For the small (9x11x3) only $1.75...and the medium size (12x15x4) for $2.25. You can cram 12 skeins of worsted in the small...and 20 or more in the medium!

The item number for the small is #103560 and the medium is #103561. There is an "XXL" bag (26x29x9.5) for $5...item #103562...but I have not had any need for a bag that large. BTW, Woodland WoolWorks is a very reputable company to deal with. I have never had any problems with them, their products or service.

I keep all my yarns in the zippered bags. One of my Stash 'harbors' is a huge wicker trunk...with lots of places for spiders or bugs to crawl in and set up house. I have never had a bug in my yarns, mind you...but don't want to start! With the Stash Yarn sitting dormant for so long a time, it does roll out the red carpet for pests to move in!
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