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Good morning! What I'm going to say might be what some of you have already said, but I'm not understanding you. So I'll give it a try anyway, and hope you can understand what I'm TRYING to say. Please forgive me if I'm just repeating what has already been said.

This is all new to me, too -- isn't it wonderful to have this great site to come to, for help??? -- and I've noticed what I'm doing that is picking up extra stitches.

When I knitted or purled a stitch, sometimes I wasn't sliding the old stitch (the one I was knitting into) entirely off the left needle, so it was sliding over to the right needle and looking like another stitch on there. Then when I got to the end of the row and turned and started back, there was that loop, looking like just another stitch and getting knitted into. Make any sense at all?

Okay, after my mistake-ridden house dishcloth, today I'm going to try the Petals dishcloth. I LOVE the incredibly helpful videos on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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