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I'm still here. I've been in a slump lately. I did 2 scarves from some Jiffy Thick N Quick. (Got it on clearance before Christmas) I was going to make gifts, but couldn't come up with any ideas/recipients, so I'll send the to a charity one of these days.

Then, I started in on my TNQ afghan. It was also a clearance buy, but I realized I didn't have enough so I had to buy more at regular price. It was going to be for my aunt but my mom saw the new room and it wasn't the colors she told us. (I found another yarn that went great and she loved the afghan!) This yarn goes great in my living room, so I've been trying to do something for myself. I've started and frogged the whole thing at least 3 times. I just can't find a pattern that works with such thick yarn! I have it OTN now, but haven't touched it in a week because I'm so discouraged.

I'm almost finished with my "van" project- a dishcloth. I like to have something to do when my husband is driving or I'm waiting for my son at preschool I'm looking for more ideas to use up all this S&C. I'm sick of dishcloths and I'm on the last ball that matches my kitchen.

I've also got another afghan for myself (yes, more clearnce yarn) OTN. I did have to buy more yarn to do it. I'm striping it so I didn't have to worry about matching. I waited for a sale, finished 2 LARGE balls (TNQ) and started it right away. I wasn't going to get rid of the other stuff any other way anyway

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