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I've been busily knitting.

I got RID of 2 cases of yarn and a garbage bag.

Plus I'm doing the one stitch baby sweater on Lion Brand just to have a baby sweater to either sell or give away. It'll go on my website.

I just contracted to do 2 muffs for a friend's grandaughters...with that fun fur!!! lol...but I didn't buy the fun fur...and I told her that I'll use my stash yarn for the "body" of the yarn. Gramma's was purchased yarn, but it was for a gift. And not much is left over actually.

I'm in Yarn Monkey's knit off against my better judgement, so I'm going to acutally go out and get some yarn as a reward to myself for the competition. And while I'm there, I'm going to look at the fiber trends pattern...just to have in my pocket!!! lol...I have SOME wool....but certainly not enough for the clogs!!! lol....

Thanks for letting me know that this moved to this forum. The camera's fixed...soo...we should be good to go and snap some pictures.

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