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Hello Every one! I'm new & Looking for Pals here!
1st I'm New to knitting & to This SITE,
So Good Hello to you all and I hope to get some
messages soon to chat with some new Friends!!!!

I love to make things of all sorts.

I'm in Hollywood California, and love the 10's 20's
and 30's and Ozma of Oz... the original Book.
So I'm hoping to meet long distance and local
frinds as well. This way we can have knitting
fun together. Its really a good pass time and
great creative prosses.

AS I said I'm new so any help would be great.
I want to make a simple sweater, thats form fit,
and long like in the 20's and early 30's... in Argyle.
So I can wear mens ties and 20's skirts with.

THe other i want to try is a simple, buton down of the
same with a sweet peter pan(rounded collar) Ruffle-ish
and big. I want to then use A silk flower for a button at top
with some ribbon as well. (I'm such a girl in that sence.)
Oh and it will be peach, with VERY LITTLE BROWNS
maybe some reds here and there.

so if any one wants to just chat that would be great.
I love LOVE LOVE making budies. And if you have any
advice or anything, free p[atters you know of on line etc.
that would be great as well.

take care dears!
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I'm mostly a Jazz singer of RARE 10's/20's jazz with my band, I also make other worldly Almost operetic sounding music and folk tales.
I'm a stop motion film maker and maker of miniture sets, puppets etc. I also make Silent Films and collect things in Jars... all kinds of things.

I'd love to meet some Nice gals here in Hollywood/LA who would teach me to knitt as a nice frindly pass time. I do not drive do to nerve damage now... so it would be nice to make GIRL frinds who might be willing to drop by after I get to know ya.
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