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Originally Posted by michellebreton View Post
For the knitted item: What kind of knitted items are we talking? Will there be a value on those items as well? I'm just trying to figure out what I could be getting myself into! My summers tend to be very busy!

I would think something simple and not too complex. A bag (booga perhaps)

I was thinking (before I decided to organize this) that there are some cute felted patterns out there that dont take too much work. A felted bowl, coasters etc...
Some face cloths & bath salts can be a quick, simple and inexpensive idea as well...

In another swap I was in with a different board someone made me felted sunglass case. I use it all the time.

I hardly doubt anyone is expecting to receive a sweater. I say, have FUN and keep it simple.
Booga Bag & Fetching
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