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Grafting the Toe
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Cute! And your puppy doesn't seem to mind at all!

I finished my first one today too. It is cute, but it was a royal pain to assemble. Maybe it's just me. I had such a hard time fitting all those shell pieces together and I ended up single crocheting them together rather than doing the icord thing because by that point a single crochet was about all I could handle.

The one I made is for my youngest son, and I've already promised my older son one in blue, but I don't think I can handle that pattern again right now. So for now I've hidden all evidence of Sheldon and hopefully ds won't remember before we go on vacation on Friday . When we get home in about 10 days hopefully I'll be ready to go on Sheldon #2.

It will get done eventually, just not right now and not now that it's way too hot to knit anyways.
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