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Ravelry Question
Artlady received her Ravelry invitation today. Yippy Skippy!
I started a profile page, but have done nothing else yet.
I have a FLICKR account already set up. I have an actual knitting website (not a BLOG as lots of knitters use). I guess my knitting website will suffice. Anyway, Ravelry suggested we have a BLOG...but I don't and won't.

The Ravelry folks highly recommend using FIREFOX as the internet browser for Ravelry. They have actually included a link for the FIREFOX download on their new user WELCOME page.

QUESTION 1: Can I download FIREFOX and use it for Ravelry...and use Internet Explorer 7 for other online uses?
Can I have two internet browsers on my laptop...or will one cancel out the other like antivirus programs cancel each other out. You can't have more than one installed.

If I download FIREFOX...will I lose all my FAVORITES links that are now stored in my IE7 browser? Will FIREFOX import all of my FAVORITES to its "FAVORITES"...or will I have to start from scratch? (Aaarrrgh. No can do.)

QUESTION 2: How many of you Ravelers have actually downloaded FIREFOX for use with Ravelry? Did you lose all of your FAVORITES?

QUESTION 3: How many Ravelers have stayed with IE7 or IE6? Have you experienced the "issues" that the Ravelry folks warned of??

Thanks in advance for your help. Mason, the KnittingGuy, has been saying for a long time that IE7 is not a safe way to enter the online world! He also recommends FIREFOX.
I am so slow to change.
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