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It does have forums and groups that you can post to... I have to admit that I'm not very good at keeping up with the ones I've joined...I check e-mail in the here...and then sometimes can find my way over there to read but not always...

What I like about it is the organization of my wips and also keeps track of your stash for you (which I still haven't entered everything yet) has queue where you can put projects that you want to knit...keeps it all in order for you and you don't have to go track down links or whatever when you are ready to's all in ravelry...I like that I can mark fos with favorites and then can go back and find them with ease...just in case I don't at this moment want to add them to the queue... I also like that I can mark designers as a favorite and have their info in one spot... and yarn... I like that I can see my friend's wip and fos at just one click... you can keep up with what they are doing as well... I like that I can take a design enter it in ravelry and bring up tons of fos and wips showing different yarns they used...or putting in a yarn and coming up with a more searching google now... you can also enter in socks and it brings up just sock patterns... or baby and you get baby items... it's just all right there one click from you... cuts out the searching time and finding the right link from google... will it replace KH as a forum or community? nope... really they don't even compare to to me is organization...the other is KH ....have I joined groups over there?'s neat to see all the Kals and groups...

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