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FAQ...Mysterious extra stitches? Look Here!
im a total beginner learning how to knit. im doing my first practice square, but its becoming triangular as mysterious extra stitches keep appearing. i started with about 25 stitches, and fifteen rows in i had 38!! after another ten rows i have 45. what am i doing wrong???? im really confused.
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I'll only be a month old tomorrow. I'm sure there will be others along shortly to help you out.
I know that for me I was picking up extra stitches because I was trying to go too fast and not really paying attention. Try to slow down and really look at where you are putting the needle in through.
Make sure that it is going through the stitch loop and not something below that along with the stitch. Look after EACH stitch to see that you have only picked up one. I know that sounds silly but until 'we' get familiar with how to do knitting I think we really have to pay attention.
I know that once I started really watching what I was doing and counting stitch by stitch and then making sure I counting after EACH row for a time I started getting much better.
Hope this helps until someone MUCH more experienced gets here.
Welcome to the knitting world and to this forum that I love,
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lol I was picking up extra stitches as well! Here I was being careful not to drop any and instead they seemed to just "leap" onto my needle. I did just as others recommended, take it slow and watch what I am picking up. I also count each row after I knit it as I am still new to knitting. After 2 months I am finding that I am making fewer errors and hopefully will feel confident enough to stop counting stitches after every row. It wastes a lot of time but for now it is better than having to go back and unravel rows
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It's still a good idea to count sts because, as you say, it saves time in the end if you catch mistakes early. Maybe you can count every other row? For pattern sts, it may help to put in stitch markers every pattern repeat or every 10-20sts to make counting easier.
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lol...well i am certainly NOT much more experienced but this one i do know i think Susie is right about slowing down. we get so excited about "getting it" that we move too fast and things start going wonky.

I find usually the issue is when you start the new row. You have to make sure you are bringing the yarn around back of the needle and not up over the needle. When you first turn your work the yarn is likely going to be hanging down in front. If you bring the yarn up and over to begin working it will look like there is another stitch that needs to be worked. If you play with the yarn a bit you will see what i am talking about. Make sure that you bring it under and behind the needle and not up and over the needle.

this is assuming you are doing garter stitch (knitting every row) too. If you are purling when you turn your work you need to make sure your work is down in front when you start. never bring the work up over the needle unless you are actually trying to create the extra stitch (yarn over). If you are knitting and purling in the same row make sure the yarn comes between the needles and not over them.

the best way to combat it is to count stitches on your rows every time until you are use to what you are doing.
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Thanks for this has been driving me crazy to try and figure out what I was doing wrong. Now I am going to bring my piece with me in front of the laptop and finish a row and begin a new one to see which of these problems I am doing! I noticed in one of the video examples where the knitter said she doesn't like to "work" the first stitch on the new row, so I have tried that and seem to be keeping the added stitches to a minimum.
Thanks again for the expert advice!
Merry Christmas
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Thank you Brenda!
I am a VERY new knitter and I think that your advice has helped me figure out what I have done wrong...I HOPE! Many thanks.
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i have been knitting again for about 1 month and have started the elongated scarf project that is featured on this site. i started out with 28 st but ended up with 35 ... i doubled up the stitches and am back down to 29. i think in my case it was "mistaken identity" or splitting a stitch on accident.

So the scarf will be funky ... it's my first project and this thread has helped me CONSIDERABLY to recognize more then 1 thing i was doing a bit hap-hazard
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I am a new knitter making a ribbed scarf. The post before said to double-up stitches? Is this the way I can get rid of my extras? If I have to start this scarf over again, I may cry!
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Look in the Decreases Videos for how to k2tog (knit 2 stitches together). See if that helps.
sue- knitting heretic

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