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very new, need some help!
Hey everyone. I just picked up knitting and I've knit a couple things. I'm not sure how to word this question so that it makes sense, but hopefully someone can get what I'm trying to say.

I've been trying to use the stockinette stitch, i knit, purl, knit, purl row after row. it looks perfect for a few rows then it completely flips and the stockinette look is on the opposite side. This is really confusing because I don't do anything different, yet it always ends up on the wrong side after a few rows. I've been doing a bit of ribbing (k2,p2) on this new project and it changes sides and looks sloppy, there's no pattern at all. It's a bit aggravating because I'd like to actually see a nice pattern instead of these chaotic change ups.

Thanks for your help. Thank you amy for this site! My friend was SUPPOSED to teach me how to knit but never got around to it. i did a quick search online, found this site, and taught myself how to knit. I'm so happy. I love knitting. And every new project I start I don't want to put down, even if I have places to go. haha
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Welcome sushisiouxe!

It sounds like you just need to recognize the knit and purl stitches, and get more clear on what the stitches you're about to knit look like, and the stitches you're about to purl look like. Then you'll always know where you are, and you won't mess up.

Try watching the top few videos on the Basic Techniques/ More page, which cover the "basic stitches." They talk about how to recognize knit and purl stitches, so you always know where you are.

For k2p2 ribbing, if you have a number of stitches that's divisible by 4, then you always begin the row the same way, starting with k2. The stitches that you knit on the OTHER side, look like purl stitches on THIS side. They should be purled on this row. The videos I mentioned should make this more clear.

Glad you're enjoying the site, and that you've taught yourself to knit! Have fun, and if you have more questions, you know where to come!

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