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Sorta OT - Music and knitting
Thanks to Ingrid, KK, Lisa and everyone else posting on Ingrid's Blog... I am having a fantastic day!

Somehow the conversation turned to music and... now I've got the music cranked and am having an awesome day! This got me thinking about how music affects my knitting. I mean, if I am listening to something really up and bouncy... I knit in time to the music! My daughter says that it looks like my fingers are dancing in time! Sometimes I listen to classical when I knit and find that I tend to be more deliberate with my stitching. I also find that I like to knit different things to different styles of music.

Today's musical selection has turned to "Graceland" by Paul Simon. ("I can call you Betty and Betty when you call me, you can call me Al"! )

So... do you knit to music? What kind of music? I'm just curious here. I mean.... my musical taste changes like the weather in Georgia but... whatever I listen to does affect my knitting! Does this happen to anyone else?

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I have noticed that, too. I do knit to the beat of the music. I especially notice it if I'm sitting outside with the radio on in the summer. Each song changes the rhythm of my knitting.
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It depends on whether or not I'm singing with it. I don't usually knit to music because I don't listen to it when I'm not alone, due to my NEED to sing and my horrible voice. But knitting with music is a different experience to knitting while listening to the TV, for sure.
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Oddly enough I don't normally listen to music when I knit (odd b/c I have to have music going at all times). I tend to find it difficult to count while listening to music. I'm fine with classical or other instrumental pieces, but the stuff I normally listen to can interfere with my concentration.

But one thing I to listen to while knitting is Prairie Home Companion on public radio.
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I'll usually just have the tv on while knitting, but occassionally, I'll put in a concert dvd or something.

My favorite one to watch is "Only You: Harry Connick, Jr." LOVE, LOVE LOVE that dvd. I find I'm more relaxed when I knit during that dvd. However, progress is sometimes slow because I'm always looking up to see him on the screen.
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I admit it - I am aditorily challenged. Although I like to listen to music (especially jazz). I find I am not really big into music at all.
Music seldom moves me. Weird eh? Which might explain why I cant tell the difference between cat stevens and harry chapin. A bit of audio autism lol
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I knit to music often, and I listen to pretty much everything but rap and death metal. For me, it's not the tempo of the song so much that influences my knitting, but the feeling of the song, and the feelings the song invokes in me. By that I mean, if I listen to something that makes me happy, gives me joy, is lighthearted and fun (thinking Katrina and The Waves here ) ... then my knitting is usually more even, more consistent, looks better. If I listen to something that makes me feel melancholy or sad, or something that ticks me off, then I usually end up frogging more as the work is sloppy and uneven.

Weird, huh? Did I mention that music is a big deal to me, and that it really is more than just a backdrop or "background noise" for me?!?

(BTW, the Graceland album is one of my favorites! Actually, love most of Paul Simon's stuff. Slip Sliding Away is on the soudtrack of my life! )
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I actually have a playlist on iTunes called "Knitting," and I'll cue it up when I'm not watching anything on the tube. It has a rotating line-up of my favorites - right now I'm rocking a pretty mellow vibe and it has a lot of Ben Harper, Crooked Fingers, Jack Johnson, John Lennon, Feist, that sort of thing. I also dig bluegrass while I knit. :?eyebrow:
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I listen to music all day long- usually NPR- but I can't knit if there is a song that I really really love on. I am one of those people who have to sing along to everything, and I can't seem to sing and knit at the same time!! :D
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I don't have special knitting music. I tend to have my iTunes on all the time, either with the whole library on random or playing a cd. Recently, I've been knitting to a lot of Amadou & Mariam and Sufjan Stevens, but that's just because I've been listening to them a lot in general lately.

I've have to try to notice if I knit in time to the music!
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