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Grafting the Toe
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I lost my notifications for this thread! Thanks, madametj, for sending me a note about the thread moving.

I have continued knitting from my stash, and I finished one little charity sweater that I've yet to photograph. I'm working on a pair of socks for my DD now using some yarn that I bought a while back but never got to.

Let's see what else ... :thinking: ... oh yes, there was the start to another sweater called the Auspicious Coincidences Baby Sweater. I found the pattern in Compassionate Knitting. The whole idea is that you take several balls of yarn from your stash -- in "harmonizing" colors -- put them in a bag or box, and then randomly pull them out & knit them according to one of 4 row patterns prescribed by the sweater pattern.

It was a fun project, but I didn't bother w/ the "harmonizing" color part, and I ended up with some absolutely horrible color combinations. The pattern says, "Try not to rip it out just because you don't think the colors go together." But I kept imagining some poor little child being taunted by his or her peers because of the ugly colors.

So, I actually just threw it away. I had only knit about 3 to 4" on it. So, no great loss. I may give it another try & instead of just grabbing whatever yarn sticks to my hand from my stash box, I'll try actually color-coordinating a few colors & sticking with them.

All right ... off to head the children in the general direction of their bedrooms! Have a pleasant evening, everyone!
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sock coming along
Here is how the sock is coming along.... folded shows how the cuff will look when worn.
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Hey there DotMom!
I saw a free pattern on knitting section a few years was an interesting combo of different yarns and colors. It was not striped though. Here is what you would do with a bag of similar weight yarns of different colors: Start with one yarn...knit it til it ends...then tie in another yarn...knit it til it ends...etc...etc.

It works best if any given length of yarn is not too long. It is a really random dispersment of colors changing up anywhere in the rows.

I thought about doing it myself. Never got around to it. But, after I finish this knitted Crazy Quilt Afghan for my little granddaughter...I think I will!
[I am using 8 REd Heart Stash Skeins: turquoise, yellow, red, green, lime, crayons variegated, beach variegated and citrus variegated. I will end up with lots of left over yarn. Red Heart skeins go for miles and miles.]

But, I do believe I will cut the lengths into shorter lengths ahead of maybe 18", 14" and 36" lengths. I want a crazy dispersment of colorations.

I thought of this pattern when I read your post. I will look into that website and see if they still have the pattern. I can't find it in My Documents right at the moment. Maybe I printed it and then deleted it off my computer. It was in the FREE PATTERNS sections of for a long time. Maybe it is still lingering there.
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Knitting the Flap
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No Walmarts either......
Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow!!!!

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odds and ends
I read about one like that, it was written up in a sort of personal story by a yarn mag editor at the very end of one of the knitting magazines, about 3-4 mos ago.

The idea was to make a triangular shawl, starting with the point. You add one st on the end of each row and keep going until it is as big as you want. The author said you could make it really really big and use it like a throw, or smaller for a shawl.

You change yarns randomly depending on your stash and what your feel like. The author emphasized the textures as well as colors. I remember the title of the piece was something like *Mindless Knitting*.
You can do anything you want but you can't do everything!

OTN: experimental baby blanket using the simple triangle shawl pattern and striping in stock/reverse stockinette
in Big Twist Rainbow Classic in salmon/aqua
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This is a test, and only a test...
Well, not really, because I have made some progress on a couple projects. The hood for my hooded scarf is so close to being a large enough rectangle to sew up the back to create the hood. I am so excited about that!
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Hi All! I'm a newbie knitter and I only have a small stash (mainly baby yarn) I am planning to work through -- so I'd LOVE to join you in your stash-busting KA! It's so much more fun with others to chear you along! I also like the idea of using up some of what I have and then rewarding myself with something new (as I certainly have a never ending list of projects to try!!)

I'm looking at making a Diamond Baby Blanket. The only drawback is that blankets seem to take me sooooo long to make (i am a slow knitter) -- I might have to have mini incentive rewards staged part way through --is that still fair?

Last night I was trying to figure out if my Sirdar Snuggly DK would work well in place of the CP Bunny Hop yarn the pattern calls for. I couldn't find anything on Yarndex for the Bunny Hop but I am thinking my Sirdar might be too fine. Maybe I'll knit up a test swatch to see if I like it.....
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Love everything guys.. you are all doing a wonderful job!! Love seeing the progress and the finished objects..

lucky_alf2~ That is the baby afghan I'm doing for my friend.. I just doubled up red heart baby soft and size 10 needles.. afghans always take me forever cause I get bored and don't want to work on them lol.. I'm thinking 4 repeats of the pattern will be enough.. I'm almost done with the 3rd...

Mulder~ I like that clog do they seem comfy?

Hsiaokuo62~ love the socks!!

I have a small yarn shop very small.. and then wally world.. everything else I get is from shopping online..

Well I need to drag myself back over to my chair and work on the baby afghan.. so I can make a matching sock... ohh I did CO for my first toe sock its looking so neat.. going the opposite way but I put it up till I finish these other 2 things...

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dustinac-thanks! I haven't gotten the darn clogs finished yet, seem to have too many other non important things to do... I will i promise post a fo pic, I love posting pics and getting feedback! good luck on that afghan! I started one about a month ago and am only 4 skeins in on double strand, basketweave, about to off myself if I have to knit any more on it.... so boring! but I really want to finish it so I can take it to work before they turn the Air conditioner on!
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Originally Posted by heykaren
No Walmarts either......

Originally Posted by DotMom61
Thanks, madametj, for sending me a note about the thread moving.
You're welcome, also you're welcome to the rest of you who said thanks, and also to those of u who took the time to sent me thank u notes!

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