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Originally Posted by Limey View Post

Hi Kelly

Is this the sort of gadget you mean? Looks really handy, kind of thing that should be superglued to my wrist when I'm working 'awkward' patterns, as I call them

Many thanks for posting, I'll definitely get one.


Yes! That's it. My gf found it at an Artco store, which is like an outlet for crafts? I have never been. It was in the dollar section. She hasn't seen them since.
Gosh, I will look for a backup one, now that I know you can buy them. Thanks for posting the link.
I honestly lost it for 2 days (under the couch), and had to resort to a regular crochet hook. It just isn't the same.
OTN: Not a thing. I'm supposed to be studying.....

future plans: Afghan, baby blanket and a cabled...something ;hats and mittens to follow for kids.

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I like to use an old daily desk calendar for counting rows. The small one's that have a separate page for each day. Even though it only goes to 31 days, I just repeat the pages. I also use a separate set to keep track of row counts for a pattern, just have to remember to flip the pages at the end of each row.
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Knitting the Flap
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I'll have to get one of those crochet hook/needle things, sounds like a great idea!

I always have to have paper and pencil to keep track of my knitting, row counters just don't work for me, I forget about them. I find it harder to ignore the big blue clipboard that has all my current patterns attached to it!

Two of the best tricks I've learned are tinking and inserting a needle into a destination row. Both of which I learned from this article.

I find it tricky inserting a knitting needle into a destination row so I tend to use a piece of thread or something but the idea is the same.
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This thread is GREAT!
Here's my tip. For all those little things that can get lost in the bottom of the knitting bag, use one of the little make-up bags that you get "free with purchase" from many of the major make-up companies when they have their "Free with purchase" deals. I keep my scissors (on a cork, so it doesn't poke through), tape measure, crochet hook, stitch markers, lifeline thread, plastic needles and a piece of sand paper and a piece of rubber jar opener stuff. What are the last two items for? Sand paper is for lightly sanding rough edges on either needles or finger nails! (I know--a nail file would work, but they disappear) and the jar opener rubber stuff is for the Options needles. Works great for tightening them.
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Stitch Markers, Stitch Markers, Stitch Markers .... I use them for even the smallest repeat or to remind me to knit the two or three stitches at the edge of a dish cloth. Even if a pattern only has 4 or five stitches in it, I know immediately if I have made a mistake.
My favorite stitch markers are jump rings. I get them in the jewelry making area of the craft store. They come in all sizes, they are inexpensive (so you don't feel like you have to search for a lost one) and you get a whole bunch of them.

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This is a really great thread! I don't have any new knitting tips. I do however, have a tip for shopping for your knitting accessaries.
This is the time of year Target, or any of the places that sell school supplies have great prices.
I was in Target yesterday just wondering around and found these in the school supplies. I'm going to keep my dpn's in the 3 ringer pencil pouch. My odd's and end's in the zipper bag. my circular needles that I use most often in the plastic box. they were all very inexpensive.
The ringer pouch was $1.49 ea. the zipper bag was $2.99, The box was $2.99

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My tip is to use those little tins that have mints in them for your small items to keep from losing them in the couch or chair, etc. I even bought a can of cookies the other day because it was tall (about 7") and about as big around as a CD. My first thought was...I could use that for needles. I always put something soft in the bottom of the container to protect the needle points. Also, go on E-bay if you need needles, yarn, etc. I like the vintage needles and they're always available and you can usually get them at a good price. That's one way to add to your supply of needles.
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Being of a natural bodging nature (making something for nowt and a perennial pack rat) I've been using the cylinder from the inside of a cling film pack to store my DPNs - or Scuds as my hubby refers to them.

He says I nearly had his eye out once - men are such babies - it was a good quarter of an inch from his eye socket - dunno why he was making such a fuss.

Sorry ... oh yes, the cylinder. I got the inside foamy round pad thing from a coffee jar lid, cut it to size to fit the bottom of the cylinder and fixed it in place with duct tape. To stop the needles from spilling out the top of the container, I make a little pom pom and pop it on top.

This doesn't sound very appealing but if you have any small children or grand children lurking around, you could ask them to paint the cylinder with acrylic paint or get some pretty gift-wrap, and stick it to the cylinder with PVA glue.

I'm sure there are lots of decorative effects they could do and it struck me as being a cheap and cheerful present for them to make for their favourite knitters at Xmas.


PS - Sorry, I meant the idea might not sound very appealing - not anyone's children or grandchildren

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Blocking wire
Hi - I've just got to share this with all of you. Today I went to a welding supply shop and bought a tube of stainless steel "tig rods" for just under $16. The tube holds about 25-30 1/16" rods, 3 feet long, which is more than enough for blocking my largest afghan. They came in a nice, heavy plastic tube with a loop at the top for hanging!

Also, I stopped at Lowe's and spent another $16.88 for a big package of those snap-together floor mat tiles (the ones for kids with letters of the alphabet) that will make a perfect base for stretching the afghans on the rods and then pinning them down right into the mat tiles.

For under $32 I'm set to block almost anything. So maybe go hang out at your local welding supply shop, too!


PS - If you need flexible stainless steel wire for blocking curves, they also sell that. It's a very large spool of wire, though, so you might want to divide the wire (and the cost) with other knitting friends.
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Keeping little ones creatively occupied...
Hey, Ellie -

GREAT idea about decorating the cans/tubes that are recycled for holding needles and other really important knitting "stuff"!

We're having a family party next Sunday (24-26 people) and when we get them all together I try to have some art projects for the little ones and the ladies as well. The male types are self-occupying with sports, playing pool/ping pong, etc. so they're no worry. Usually I have some small ceramic or wooden pieces and a bunch of acrylic paint and craft brushes and we get around the kitchen table (which is covered with thick brown paper) and paint while we talk. Then everybody gets to take home a little keepsake of the day.

I've got some of those tube type cans that Pringles chips come in and those'll make a GREAT project for the little ones (7 and 9) to decorate for me for my needles. (they like to make things for Granma). It never even occurred to me until I read your post!

So thanks for that!

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