The Knit Stitch English Method

also known as American Knitting, The Throw Method


English is the most common knitting method in the US, and (naturally) in England. In English style knitting, the yarn is held in the right hand and “thrown” around the right needle before pulling the stitch through.

English knitting has the advantage of being far more generous in adapting to less precise hand motions than Continental knitting. This is also true for its corresponding Purl method. One needn’t hold the yarn precisely to accomplish a stitch. The beginner can slacken or even drop the yarn mid-stitch, and still complete the stitch.

One note: it is quite possible, and even more fluid, to throw the yarn without letting go of the right needle as I do in the video. It entails keeping the yarn closer to the tip of the right index finger, where that finger can throw the yarn easily over the needle tip.

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