Tubular Bind Off

also known as Sewn Knit 1 Purl 1 Bind Off

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This is a bind-off for K1 P1 ribbing. I almost didn’t include it on this site, because sometimes a video can be harder to learn from than written instructions. I think I did a pretty clear job of it. Still, a few notes:

1) Before doing this bind off, it’s a nice touch to prepare for it by doing 2 rounds of knitting as follows: *Knit the knit stitch. Keeping the yarn in front, slip the purl stitch. Repeat from * across the round for two rounds.

2) If you’re familiar with the kitchener stitch, you may prefer to work this BO as I do: Transfer all of the knit stitches to one needle, and behind this needle, place all the purl stitches on a second needle. Sew the stitches from the two needles together, as for the kitchener stitch.

Categories: advanced techniques, bind off