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Premium Video: A Knitted Patch


Premium Video: A Knitted Patch

Learn to patch a hole in your knitting.

There are few things more distressing than finding a gaping hole in one of your knitted treasures. But fear not! In this new, featured video, I show you how to tackle even the biggest holes, with a seamless, knitted patch. Read more...

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Premium Video: Classic Mittens in All Sizes


Premium Video: Classic Mittens in All Sizes

A mittens pattern for everyone in your life!

Includes Amy Finlay's Classic Mittens in All Sizes pattern, as well as a 30 minute step-by-step video.

Mittens are one of the most fun and satisfying projects for knitters of all skill levels, even beginner level. Read more...

This is an Instant Watch video!

Introducing the first of Amy's own Premium Videos! These videos are:

  • KnittingHelp's only videos showing Amy's smiling face, in addition to her familiar hands and voice.
  • Longer in duration with a complete-project focus.
  • Filmed in HD quality: sharp, clear, and a pleasure to watch.
  • Instant watch! You don't have to wait for a DVD to arrive to watch these. Once purchased, you'll receive a link to start watching the video immediately.
  • Formatted for watching on your computer as well as on many mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

Check Out a Preview

Here's a quick 60 second preview to give you an idea of how the instant watch videos look. This is an exerpt from Classic Mittens in All Sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I or can I get a DVD?

Although comparable in quality to the DVD productions we have sold by other producers, our videos are accessible exclusively in streaming or downloading formats.  Once you place your order you will receive a link where you can watch the video instantly. We have chosen this system because it gives viewers instant access to the videos, eliminates packaging and waste, and enables us to cut the price of our Premium videos literally in half.  If you can access our other videos here in, you will have no problem accessing our Premium videos.  

Can I watch the video on my iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device?

Yes! The videos are presented in a player that has been tested to work on many mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and many Android devices. You also have the option to download the video to your computer or mobile device. 

How long do I have access to the Video?

You can return again and again to watch this video, without limit (if acting within our guidelines, see the following question below).  Your link will expire after 30 days, however you will be able to easily recieve a new link when this happens, for continued viewing. 

May I share my Instant Watch Premium Video link with my friend or knitting group?

We ask that you do not share your viewing link with others or post it to any forums or web sites. If you enjoyed the video and know someone who might benefit from the material, please encourage them to purchase it to view.  Sharing of your personalized viewing link (the one that starts playing the video in your browser) can result in your own access to the video being restricted or removed.

Will other videos remain free?

All of our existing free content will remain free! These videos, although well beyond the basics, are what we consider the Foundation videos of knitting. Sharing these openly is an important part of our mission to make knitting accessible!  

Our intention in offering Premium videos are 1) to offer episode-length topics to the community, and 2) to offer topics, such as entire knitting projects, involving greater planning, preparation, and demonstration, and 3) to offer a higher level of production, and the experience of--for instance--seeing Amy's face for a change!  ;)  We're excited to be offering these to the knitting world!  

I see one Premium Video, will there be more?

Yes, we are unrolling them one at a time. Enjoy episode 1, The Knitted Patch!  To be notified of future releases, enter your email address above.