About KnittingHelp.com

KnittingHelp.com is the collaborative efforts of Amy and Sheldon Finlay. Amy is the gifted knitter responsible for the content and videos and Sheldon is the resident geek who handles all the web stuff. This site had its humble beginning on Amy's personal web site where she had a handful of free basic knitting videos. The videos became quite popular and Amy decided to expand the web site and in 2004 this web site was launched. KnittingHelp.com has become one of the most, if not the most, popular online instruction web site for knitting. Amy and Sheldon and their young daughter Erin, live in western Massachusetts.

About Amy 

Hi folks. My name is Amy and I'm the voice and hands behind the videos on this site.  I created the videos and content of this site out of a simple desire to share what I love...and with the knowledge that there is no better way to learn knitting, than to see it done! 

I don't know if my videos are as professional as this exceedingly lovely website that Sheldon has created to house them, but people tell me every day that they are practical and extremely useful to the knitter.  Hooray!  It's music to a teacher's ears.

One caveat about my videos: they're very specific.  I'm nothing if not thorough. But don't take that to mean I'm uptight about how things Should be done. I absolutely delight in employing spontaneous solutions to knitterly problems when I encounter them, and often do so when I can't recall the "correct" way. Is there even such a thing as the correct way?  It's all about the joy of creating, so please!: never let anyone tell you your doing it "wrong." 

These days I'm occupied with raising our newborn daughter Erin. When I have a spare moment, I might be found knitting. Or ordering compostable forks to green up a large potluck.  Or joining with others in song (Sacred Harp singing is a particular love).  I hesitate to put up a link to my personal website, just because it's so neglected at present (a computer geek I'm not)...but here it is nonetheless, for those of you who might wish to learn a thing or two more about me: www.amyfinlay.com  

May you find inspiration here, and live your joy!



About Sheldon

I am the technological geek behind KnittingHelp.com and am responsible for all design, web programming and servers that run the web site. The current version of KnittingHelp.com (v3.0) was developed in PHP using ModxCMS for the general web site and vBulletin for the forum. Some of the recent additions to KnittingHelp.com were built using Ruby on Rails, which we love. If geeky talk is your thing, be sure to check out my geekblog, refresherate.com or follow me on Twitter. I am Mac. I am forever learning, and spend most of my nights reading technical books, blogs and listening to podcasts about web design, programming and business. When I am not on the computer I am usually asleep. But if I am not sleeping, I can usually be found hanging out with Amy and our newborn daughter Erin.