Video Player Problems?

Video Requirements

  • A Computer or Mobile Device. The site has been optimized to play video both through the Flash player as well as through HTML5 video playback. This means you no longer need the Flash player to watch the videos on this site. You should be able to access the videos from your computer as well as most mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. 
  • A Modern Web Browser. For this web site we recommend using a browser that adheres to modern web standards such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari or, & Internet Explorer 8 or greater. While you will be able to access the site using Internet Explorer 6, this is a very old browser and your experience will be much better if you upgrade to a modern browser.
  • High-Speed Internet Access. This site features streaming videos which are optimized for viewers accessing the site with high-speed Internet access. Dial-up users and users with slow Internet access may have difficulties viewing the videos web site. As an alternative you can purchase the CD-Rom which is an offline version of this web site that you can use on any computer without the need for a high-speed Internet connection. 


Video Playing With No Sound?

This is probably not an error. Many of our earliest videos were recorded intentionally without sound.   These include many of the shorter basic knitting videos. They are intended to simply be followed along with visually. Longer videos, like those in the Advanced Techniques section, should all have sound. If the sound isn't audible, check to make sure your computer volume is up, your speakers are turned on and plugged in, and your sound isn't muted. Also, there is a volume toggle within the KH video player which can be adjusted and/or muted. Finally, make sure you are meeting the recommend video requirements above, specifically having Flash 8 or greater installed on your computer.


Video Not Loading? 

If the videos are not loading, it probably means you don't have Flash Player or greater installed. Sometimes Flash is already installed, but for some reason it won't work and we recommend trying to re-installing.