Sponsoring and Advertising Opportunities

KnittingHelp.com is the premiere knitting instructional resource on the web. Between our video tutorials and online forum community we serve millions of pageviews each month. Contact us to inquire about existing ad rates and availability. Or read on to learn about the different sponsorship and advertising opportunities available on KnittingHelp.com.

High Visibility Banner Advertising

We currently offer three distinct high visibility banner advertising opportunities. All high visibility banner ad are sold by season (3 months) as well as month-by-month. 

Video Medium Rectangle Ad - The medium rectangle video ad is a 300 x 250 sized ad that displays at the top right corner of our video player player as well as at the top of all instructional video pages. A banner here routinely receive about 200,000 - 400,000 impressions per month.*

Forum Banner Ad - This is a 720 x 90 sized banner ad that appears at the top of all our forum community pages. A banner here will receive about 150,000 - 300,000 impressions per month.*

Free Patterns Medium Rectangle Ad - The medium rectangle free patterns ad is a 300 x 250 sized ad that displays at the top right corner of all the free patterns pages on KnittingHelp.com. We receive a lot of inbound traffic to our growing free patterns section. A banner here will receive about 100,000 - 200,000 impressions per month.


High Visibility Sidebar Ads

We are very excited to be offering a new high visibility ad space on KnittingHelp.com. Sidebar ads are 125x125 ad units which appear below the fold on the right sidebar on all video and free patterns pages. While these ads are small, they will hardly go unnoticed. This is a high visibility location and will receive about 250,000 - 500,000 impressions per month.*



* Ad impressions vary depending upon many factors. The season of the year (obvious the winter season is when our traffic peaks), as well as the number of advertisers in rotation will affect the number of impressions an ad receives. In rotating slots, we do limit the number advertisers at our discretion, and each advertiser receives an equal number of impressions. Nonetheless, we make no guarantee regarding how many impressions an ad will receive. 


Contest Sponsorships 

Everyone loves a good contest! A contest on KnittingHelp.com is a great way to generate a quick buzz in the shortest possible time. Contests typically run one week and generate quite a bit of traffic. Our contests make use of our strong presence on TwitterFacebook and the blogoshere (aka, knitting blogs), so a contest can be just the thing to help build up your social networking clout and awareness of your product or shop. 


Why should you advertising on Knittinghelp.com?

  1. KnittingHelp.com is extremely popular among both beginning and experienced knitters. Advertising on KnittingHelp.com is like having a billboard on the knitting highway.
  2. During our peak months we routinely serve 4 million+ pageviews and 4500 gigabytes(!) of bandwidth per month and we're breaking records every month. That's a heckuva lot of knitters looking for stash.
  3. In November 2009, visitors to KnittingHelp.com watched over 24,500,000 seconds worth of video. That's 283 collective days of watching compressed into 30 days! A video ad on our site would get seen a lot!
  4. Everybody loves KnittingHelp.com. Knitting web sites, blogs, forums, local yarn stores, knitting instructors, all love to send people to KnittingHelp.com.
  5. We're the number #1 bookmarked knitting web site at del.icio.us.
  6. We have a strong and active presence on social networks such as TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest. Our connection to the knitting community extends outside of our web site.
  7. KnittingHelp.com is loved by Google (and Yahoo and Bing and...). Our site holds top positions for popular searches such as "knitting", "knit", "knitting videos", "knitting instruction", "learn to knit", "casting on", "bind off" and thousands more popular knitting related searches. Let our popularity rub off on your site!
  8. It's not just the online world that loves us! We've been featured in many popular knitting and women's magazines as well as Stitch 'N Bitch's popular page-a-day calendar (on October 24th, 2007) and on television.  Amy Finlay, the creator of KnittingHelp.com, has also appeared on the popular Knitty Gritty tv show and BBC recently highlighted KnittingHelp.com as their top pick for knitting instruction.
  9. KnittingHelp.com is constantly growing. In fact, 45% of our traffic each day is from new visitors that have never been to KnittingHelp.com. Where are all these knitters coming from?
  10. We're a chatty bunch! Our forum members often talk about the things they are knitting and where they are replenishing their stashes. If you offer awesome stash, good service and quick shipping, advertising on KH can generate a buzz!
  11. Our advertisers continue to advertise with us each season reporting to us that their campaigns are quite successful. Advertising on KnittingHelp.com pays off!
  12. Our advertising rates are affordably priced. We want our advertiser's campaigns on KnittingHelp.com to succeed handsomely. Contact us for our existing slots and season rates. Advertising on KnittingHelp.com starts at $150/month.