How to Support is a free online knitting resource. The videos, the forum: it's all free to access, enjoy and learn from. Occasionally we get asked by visitors "Is there anything we can do to support". So here's a few ways to say "Thank You Amy & Sheldon" and help to support our efforts:

1. Order From Our Shop

We maintain a small shop here on What we stock varies depending upon the season, so you'll never know what you might find in there.


2. Become an Advertiser

If you are a yarn store or sell knitting related products, consider advertising with us. We offer low budget Stash ads as well as premier sponsorship opportunities on our video and forum pages. is a very popular web site and an excellent advertising value. Please see our Advertise With Us page for more details.

We are also holding prize contests utilizing our ever growing social networking connections. These are one week contests encouraging folks to visit and the contest sponsors and are extremely viral. They generate a buzz very quickly. 


3. Help Spread the Word

If you have a blog or a web site, please add a link to We'll even make it easy for you by providing you with some super-fancy linking graphics on our Link to KH page.

You will also find on that page some promo cards which you can print out and share. These cards are perfect for handing out at knitting groups and giving to your knitting friends. Also, consider dropping a stack off at your local yarn store. Very likely, the staff already refers customers to our web site. These cards make it easy and convenient for them to do so.

Also, you can follow on Twitter and facebook receive site updates, news, and behind the scenes tweets!


4. Drop a Tip in Our Tip Jar

It truly makes us warm and gushy inside to know you care so much about our website and our work. We appreciate donations very much!

We have a handy-dandy tip jar set up through Paypal: 

Thank you for your support!
Amy & Sheldon